Murals In Nashville



 An original custom mural or canvas art can transform a space like nothing else can.   Schedule a consultation today.




How much does a mural cost?

This is almost always one of the first questions asked.  Pricing varies based on many factors including whether the type of paint to be used is oil or acrylic, complexity of the mural design, whether scaffolding or a lift is required, and whether the scope of the work is to be completed on canvas or directly on the wall.  Location can also be a factor.   Most clients are pleasantly surprised when they realize how affordable a mural really is.  The best way to get a precise estimate is to schedule a consultation.   Mural consultations in the Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville area are free of charge.



How do you plan a mural project?

An in-depth consultation is the first step.   During your consultation we will brainstorm ideas, measure your space, discuss your budget,  go over color swatches to determine your color palette and preferences, and look  at a variety of murals & painting styles for inspiration.  You'll be involved in the planning and creative process to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your vision.
After our consultation, the next step is to get all of those ideas on paper.  A set of detailed, colored, custom sketches will be created to show you a glimpse of how your finished mural will appear.    After receiving the sketches, you can suggest changes that you might like to see, and we can fine tune the design before any paint goes on the wall.  


What type of paint is used?

For interior wall murals, a high grade, environmentally friendly, low or no VOC acrylic paint is used.  This allows for beautiful color as well as a durable finish.  For canvas work & portraits, artist oils are used.  For some murals, especially those in high traffic areas, a clear top coat is recommended for an extra layer of protection.   In these cases, a special clear glaze finishing product is applied which gives a superior, protective flat finish without harmful odors.  It is a great and safer alternative than the traditional polyurethane-type varnishes on the market.


How long does it take to paint a mural?

Some projects can be easily completed in a day while others can take weeks.    Small room accents such as a fun, simple flower theme for a little girl's room can be painted in just a day.  Other projects such as realistically painted scenes for museums and commercial spaces can span over several days or a few weeks.    Typically, the more detailed a project is, the more time it will take to paint.   After viewing your space and talking over ideas, we can generally provide a fairly accurate estimate of the number of days or hours that would be needed to complete a particular project.